author biography: Robert J. Walz
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Department of English
Lock Haven University
Lock Haven University
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Robert J. Walz is an assistant professor of English at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches writing and literature courses. Dr. Walz has also taught advanced literature and philosophy courses at many of the universities and colleges in the Central Pennsylvania area. Dr. Walz is particularly interested in British and American Romantic writers. He majored in English and Philosophy at Bucknell University and received his doctorate from Lehigh University. For that degree he submitted a dissertation that applies an object relations analysis to William Wordsworth's creative relationship with the feminine archetype of the Great Mother and to his poetry of the sublime. Dr. Walz finds that object relations psychology offers an invaluable tool for literary criticism by helping to explicate how during the creative act the writer's mind and the world transform each other through an alternating pattern of total identification and separation.
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