author biography: Reuven Tsur
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Hebrew Literature
Tel Aviv University

Ramat Aviv 69978
Tel Aviv P.O.B. 39040

Reuven Tsur

is Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Literature at Tel Aviv University, and Middle East Vice President of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics. He has developed a theory of Cognitive Poetics, and applied it to rhyme, sound symbolism, poetic rhythm, metaphor, poetry and altered states of consciousness, period style, genre, archetypal patterns, translation theory, and critical activities. His books in English include Poetic Rhythm: Structure and Performance?n Empirical Study in Cognitive Poetics (1998), Toward a Theory of Cognitive Poetics (1992), What Makes Sound Patterns Expressive: The Poetic Mode of Speech-Perception (1992), On Metaphoring (1987), The Road to "Kubla Khan" (1987), A Perception-Oriented Theory of Metre (1977). His non-academic publications include volumes of poetry translated into Hebrew and memoirs from the Holocaust (in Hebrew).

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