author biography: Coral Houtman
AffiliationSnail mail
Senior Lecturer
International Film School Wales
Newport School of Art, Media & Design
University of Wales, Newport
Lodge Road, Caerleon
Newport Wales, UK NP18 3QT
Coral Houtman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wales Newport, where she teaches both film-making and film-theory. A directing graduate from the National Film and Television School, she also has a PhD in film studies from the University of Kent (2002). Her fiction film “Augustine” (1993) is an award winning costume drama based on Charcot and the patients in La Salpętričre, and she is currently working on a dramatic 5 screen installation of a version of “Echo and Narcisssus”. Her theory work further explores issues of female agency and voice in writing and film. She can be reached at
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