author biography: Zoltán Kováry
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Clinical psychologist
Assistant Lecturer (University of Szeged, Institute of Psychology)
PhD-Student (University of Pécs, Theoretical Psychoanalysis Program)
Hungary, EU
Zoltán Kováry was born in 1974, I graduated as a literateur in 1997, then became a psychologyst in 2001, clinical psychologist in 2005. I was working in a psychiatric department for seven years, and at a drug ambulance for 3 years. Since 2005 I’m working at the Institute of Psychology, University of Szeged. I educate the psychology of personality, psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy, psychology of art. I also started my phd-studies in that year at University of Pécs; I intend to write my dissertation in 2010. My major fields of interest are psychoanalysis, dreams and the psychology of creation: I have participated several congresses in Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Estonia, and published a number of essays in this subject.
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